Learning to Relate

I have been working with children since I was 13 and got my first babysitting job.  Since then I have worked with kids for countless hours, getting to know them and learning about their interests.  Since I have such a long experience of getting to know children, I have never found it hard to create those relationships with them.  During my time in pre-internship I was able to play a slightly new role as the teacher in the classroom.  My other experiences have been as a child care worker, instead of an educator.

Since this was my first time in the educator role for a group of students, I found the relationships I made with the children to be slightly different than the ones I had made previously.  In my time as a child care worker the children saw me as a leader, but also as more of a friend.  While in my new role of educator, the relationships I made with the students were more structured and based around their academics.

I found that the relationships I made with my students were ones that I will never forget.  Sometimes it takes a while for students to warm up to the teacher, but once they did I would often receive hugs and sweet notes from the children.  I also learned that asking the simple question, “How are you doing today?” can be exactly what they need.  By building relationships with the students, it allows the teacher to be able to help students with issues far beyond the classroom.  I want to strive to be a teacher who all children feel comfortable confiding in whenever they need.  These relationships are so important.

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