Learning to Reflect

During my time in university so far, reflecting on things has been a large part of this program.  I have done countless reflections on work I have completed, lessons I’ve taught, and articles I’ve read.  I have found the importance in practicing this, as I believe it makes me more aware.  Being able to reflect on things I have learned or taught encourages me to investigate deeper.

Throughout the time I was able to teach during this school year, I was encouraged to reflect after each lesson.  I got into the habit of self-reflecting on certain aspects that went well, what didn’t go well, and specific things that I could work on next time.  Having this time for myself to gather my thoughts made it easier to learn from my mistakes.  Although I tend to be hard on myself, I try very hard to find at least one good thing that happened.  By doing this, I can at least pride myself with that one aspect while working on the others.

As a brand new teacher I think it is very important to celebrate even small victories in teaching.  If we constantly focus on the negatives, it will lead us to get burnt out really quickly.

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