Rewinding to Seminar #1- Land Acknowledgements

Since I was not in class for the last seminar group’s presentation, I am going to be making this blog about a group that I haven’t touched on yet.  This being the first seminar group that presented, which was about land acknowledgements. Before their presentation, I had heard a few generic land acknowledgements at events […]

Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation

It is very important to understand what cultural appropriation is because it will allow people to avoid offending other cultures that are not their own.  In terms of tâpwêwin, it is especially important to know and understand what cultural appropriation is.  We cannot speak the truth with accuracy if we are only seeing part of […]

Changes to the School System and Other Thoughts

I found seminar #2’s presentation to be very interesting and thought-provoking.  The topics brought up in the presentation were very relevant, as pre-service teachers.  The re-naming of Davin school to now being The Crescents School was something that I hadn’t heard of before this presentation- even though I live in Regina.  I think that alone […]

A Counter-Narrative about the “Drunken Indian” Myth

The myth that I read about in Chelsea Vowels book Indigenous Writes was titled “The Myth of the Drunken Indian.”  I chose to read this particular essay because this is a stereotype that I hear about a lot in society: the thinking that all Indigenous peoples have drinking problems.  The essay focused on three main […]

The Blanket Exercise Experience and more

For my whole life I have lived in Regina, Saskatchewan.  In the particular community I live in, there is a strong presence of white people.  It is very rare to see people of other cultures, especially Indigenous peoples in my particular community.  Thinking of a broader geographical region, I have always lived on Treaty 4.  […]