Changes to the School System and Other Thoughts

I found seminar #2’s presentation to be very interesting and thought-provoking.  The topics brought up in the presentation were very relevant, as pre-service teachers.  The re-naming of Davin school to now being The Crescents School was something that I hadn’t heard of before this presentation- even though I live in Regina.  I think that alone […]

A Counter-Narrative about the “Drunken Indian” Myth

The myth that I read about in Chelsea Vowels book Indigenous Writes was titled “The Myth of the Drunken Indian.”  I chose to read this particular essay because this is a stereotype that I hear about a lot in society: the thinking that all Indigenous peoples have drinking problems.  The essay focused on three main […]

The Blanket Exercise Experience and more

For my whole life I have lived in Regina, Saskatchewan.  In the particular community I live in, there is a strong presence of white people.  It is very rare to see people of other cultures, especially Indigenous peoples in my particular community.  Thinking of a broader geographical region, I have always lived on Treaty 4.  […]