Twitter Chat!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my blog!  This past Thursday night (January 31, 2019), I participated in my first ever Twitter chat.  I participated in the #saskedchat and I had a ton of fun!  I was nervous beforehand about how it was going to go, but using Tweetdeck made it super easy to follow along with everything that was happening.  I was using my laptop to tweet but I also have my notifications for Twitter on, on my phone so I felt super popular for that hour during the chat.  It just so happened that they tried out a new format for the #saskedchat that evening so it was a new experience, for even the experienced people, involved with the chat.  I think this made it seem a little less intimidating to me, since everyone was new to at least a portion of the chat.

The chat was moderated by Kelly Christopherson, and he was super nice.  He welcomed all of the #edtc300 students that were participating in the chat, and replied to our tweets when possible.  Other educators from around the world were also participating, which was also super cool for me to experience.  I think a chat like this is super valuable because we can get views and perspectives from educators that live nowhere near us.  Often times, it is just the people in close geographical proximity that we get to collaborate with.  However, with something like the #saskedchat, we get to talk to and engage with educators from many different geographical locations.

I had a great time participating in this chat!  I was not too overwhelmed and was able to keep up with the topics being discussed as well as the replies from the others who were participating.  Hopefully with more practice I will begin to reply to more comments from other participants, because that’s when the good conversations and learning happen!  I look forward to another #saskedchat this Thursday!

That’s all for now!  Talk to you next week.


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    1. Hey Courtney! The (new) format of the chat that evening was in the form of “I say ___, you say ___”. A couple of examples from last Thursday’s chat were: “When I say Professional Development, you say___” or “When I say Assessment, you say ___”. I thought this was a very cool format and the topics discussed provoked a wide range of answers from the participants. I really enjoyed it.


  1. I agree that it will take some practice to reply to more comments during a chat. I ended up simply “liking” many of the comments because I was struggling to keep up; and the chat I did was really small!


  2. Hey Jayla, I am happy to hear you enjoyed #saskedchat! It is surprising how much you can learn and relate to in just one hour. I know your blog was from last week but I was happy to see you on this week’s #saskedchat as well. I enjoyed your perceptive on the importance of connecting school with students personal life because it makes their learning more meaningful. Great post! Hopefully we can both join #saskedchat next week.

    – Miss. S


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