Finding Feedly

Welcome back!

Last week in class we learned about Feedly, which is an app that was brand new to me.  I was super interested in it during class last week and was excited to get started myself.  When I got my account set up, I began with making a category called “Ed Tech” which is dedicated to resources involving this content.  This has been very help for having a place where all this specific content is available easily.

When I made the category, a bunch of suggested accounts/blogs came up.  I scrolled through those and found the ones that appealed to me.  When choosing the ones I wanted to add to my category, I ensured the topics being discussed were relevant to me, this means I tried to choose accounts that focused on Canadian/Saskatchewan issues.  This was not always the case, but that is what I tried to focus on.  As well, I wanted to choose accounts that had lots of content in it, to give me the most broad spectrum of ideas.  After I had chosen some accounts to follow for that category, I also made another category titled “Education” where I have found more general accounts that speak about education as a whole.  My process for finding accounts to follow was about the same for this category.

One of my favourite accounts that I follow is appropriately called “Educational Technology.”  This blog has a wide variety of content and they post on there frequently.  There is new content on the website daily, and the posts always include very valuable information.  I particularly like this account because their content is directed towards both teachers and students.  They provide lots of content that is suitable for both, which is helpful when trying to find kid-friendly, reliable resources.  I would recommend following this account as it provides lots of information for its users.

Here is my Feedly account:

I have loved learning about it this week, and look forward to exploring Feedly more in the coming weeks.


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