Hello everyone!

My name is Jayla, and I am in my final semester of my elementary education degree.  I am excited for EDTC 300 because I look forward to hopefully finding some new and useful resources to take with me into the classroom in the future.  Technology and the Internet are such a huge part of society that I think it is important for teachers to be able to bring it into the classroom.  I must admit though, I do love writing with a pen on a piece of paper still so I do not think my future classroom will be extremely technologically advanced.  However, I think there are many useful and fun websites/apps that I would like to bring into the classroom with me.  Children are so exposed to technology and the Internet that I think they will excel with some of this brought into their classroom at school.

Over the past few years that I have been in university, it has been a requirement for some of my classes to partake in blogging.  Overall, I have never really minded doing blog posts for classes.  Sometimes, though, it does seem a bit tedious and just something else I had to do instead of it being a useful part of my education.  For this class, however, I think the blogging component will be really useful and educational as it will be one of our main places to share ideas and resources with others.

I have recently made a new teacher-centered Twitter account.  Be sure to go follow me for more sharing of resources and an overall good teacher time!

I was unsure what to include as my “relevant picture” to this post, so I figured the introduction picture from our first class would work! My words are: Music lover, reader, animals, educator, and loud (my voice tends to be a lot louder than it needs to be).


That’s all for now! Talk soon!



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  1. Hi Jayla. I think your blog post is very insightful. I too am a paper and pen advocate, but am developing a deeper appreciation for technological communication/online learning as time goes on.


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