About Miss Brinkworth

My name is Jayla Brinkworth and I am a fourth year university student at the University of Regina. I am no stranger to this city, as I’ve lived here since I was born almost 22 years ago! I grew up with one older brother and my parents.  After my parents got divorced when I was very young, my dad got re-married when I was 11.  I am lucky enough to have an incredible step-mom in my life.  A few years after they got married, we welcomed my little brother into the world.  Now I am lucky enough to be the middle child, between two lovely brothers!

My previous schooling included attending Ruth M. Buck elementary school and Winston Knoll Collegiate for high school.  Both of these schools are the reason I aspire to be a teacher today.  I was lucky enough to go to two schools that taught me the value of patience, kindness, and hard work.  All of these attributes, of course, are needed to be a great teacher.

I am in the elementary school program and I absolutely love it.  I have pretty much known I’ve wanted to become a teacher since I first began going to school in kindergarten.  I love kids, and I love the atmosphere that a school has.  I have also been influenced by many amazing teachers that I’ve had over the years, that have furthered my interest in becoming a teacher.

I cannot wait to finish up this journey at the University of Regina, and make my way into the work force.  I’m eager to learn everything that I can, to ensure I am the best teacher I can be when my time at the university is over.

Here’s a picture of me on the first day of school, outside the school where I did my internship, Shaunavon Public School.  I was so excited to move away from Regina for the first time to experience a small town, and the four months that I was there did not disappoint!  I loved every minute of being at SPS and in the town of Shaunavon.  After I am done my degree in April, I hope to get a job in the Chinook School Division as I completely fell in love with it during my internship!